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Below you will find documents with helpful guidance and tools you can use to improve safety in your dealership. Below those are links to helpful resources. (These links below are provided as a courtesy. We do not endorse or guarantee any of the products, services or providers listed.)

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Documents & Tools

(documents are PDF unless otherwise noted)

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Accident Investigation Bulletin
Accident Investigation Form
Auto Dealership Sample Emergency Plan
Automotive Lift Safety Bulletin
Auto Lift Safety for Managers
Auto Lift Safety Tips
Basics of Hazard Communication
Battery Charging / Jump Starting
Bloodborne Pathogens
Bungee Cord Safety
Compressed Air
Dealer Monthly Checklist
Dealership Safety Quick Check (2020)
Developing a Housekeeping Program
Disabling Automotive Lift Safeties
Disaster Recovery
DMV Driver Alert Program
Don't Slip Up
Driver Distractions
Driver Training & Motivation
Drug-free Workplace Certification
Drug-free Workplace Sample
Drug-free Workplace Verbiage - before hire (Word)
Drug-free Workplace Verbiage - before hire (PDF)
Drug-free Memo
Drug-free Workplace Program Sample (Word)
Emergency Action Planning & EvacuationExtension Cords
Fall Prevention & Protection
Flood Preparedness & Response
Forklift Safety Program - Sample
Golf Cart Safety
Hazard Communication Program
Hazard Communication Training
Hoist, Jack, and Crane Inspections and Safety Information (2020)
How to access PMA Websource
Inclement Weather Driving Tips
Inside Track - Winter Weather Preparedness
Inside Track - Working Safely with Portable Hand Tools
Lockout Tagout (article)
Lockout Tagout Program
Maintenance Shop Hazards
Monthly Training Log
Motor Vehicle Records Guidelines
Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Guidelines Sample
OSHA 300 Log with Instructions (2014)
OSHA Brief: Hazcom Labels & Pictograms
OSHA Brief: Hazcom Safety Data Sheets
OSHA Brief: Respiratory Protection
OSHA Fact Sheet: GHS Training Guidelines
OSHA Fact Sheet: Steps to an Effective Hazard Communication Program
OSHA Fact Sheet: Updated Recordkeeping Rule
OSHA Fact Sheet: Walking - Working Surfaces & Fall Protection
OSHA Fall Protection Quick Card
OSHA Fall Protection Standards
OSHA Visit Checklist (Sample)
OSHA Written Program Requirements
Personal & Company Vehicle Driving
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
PPE Hazard Assessment
Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls
RCN 007: Driver Safety - Personal & Company Cars
RCN 038: Slips & Falls in Wet & Icy Conditions 
RCTB 1001: Safety Policy Statement
RCTB 1009: Tips for Successful Safety Incentive Programs
RCTB 1350: Personal Protective Equipment
RCTB 2003: Driver Training and Motivation
RCTB 2502: Reviewing Motor Vehicle Records
RCTB 3410: Winter Weather Precautions
RCTB 5145: Bloodborne Pathogens
RCTB 6008: Fall Prevention & Protection
RCTB 8001: Developing a Housekeeping Program
RCTB 8004: Emergency Action Planning & Evacuation Drills
RCTB 8010: Windstorm Preparedness Plan
RCTB 8011: Disaster Recovery
RCTB 8014: Flood Preparedness & Response
Reducing Vehicle Backing Accidents
Respiratory Protection Program - Sample
Respiratory Protection Program - Training
Reviewing Motor Vehicle Records
Safe Lifting Guidelines
Safely Lifting Awkward Loads
Safety Booklet Sample
Safety Policy Statement
Safety Program - Sample Mission Statement
Safety Responsibility and Accountability Guide
Snow Shoveling Hints (National Safety Council)
Sample Lift Safety Program
Sample Emergency & Disaster Planning
Sample Forklift Program
Sample Ice & Snow Handling Program
Sample Lockout - Tagout Program
Sample Safety Policy
Sample Safety Program Missions Statement
Sample Safety Accountability Guide
Sample Stay at Work Program
Sample Vehicle Safety Policy
SHOP TALK Videos on Websource
Snow Thrower Safety
SP 10-0002: Don't Slip Up
SP 10-0005: Safely Lifting Awkward Loads
SP 10-0010: Lockout Tagout Reminder
SP 10-0051: Lot Safety - Golf Carts  and Utility Vehicles
SP 10-0060: Disabling the Safety Locks - Lift Maintenance
SP 10-0064: Hazards for Dealerships and Auto Repair Centers
SP 10-0065: Vehicle Fuel Tank Repair
SP 10-0069: Working with Compressed Air
SP 10-0071: Working Safely with Portable Hand Tools
SP 10-0138: Maintenance Shop Hazards
Stay at Work Program
Tire Handling Guidelines
Tire Handling Plan
VADA GSIA Risk Management Assessment (XLS)
VADA GSIA Safety Booklet Order Form
Vehicle Fuel Tank Repairs
Vehicle Roof Repairs
Walking Surface Hazards
Walking / Working Surface Hazards
Welding & Cutting Hazards
Windstorm Preparedness Plan
Winter Weather Precautions
Winter Weather Preparedness
Workers Compensation Best Practices
Working Safely with Portable Hand Tools

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