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Hurricane season is upon us once again. As we have unfortunately learned, they can have severe impacts in any and every part of the state. Make sure you’re prepared for the storm and your business recovery with these resources!

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News & Notes

Dealerships must post a current Panel of Physicians and provide an updated Panel of Physicians to injured employees with at least three physicians.  Injured employees should be instructed that if the initial physician refers them to a specialist, they must return to the dealership for a Panel of Physicians from which to choose their specialist.

If you do not provide a current Panel of Physicians the employee can choose any physician to treat them and we lose any ability to assist in the management of care.

Use the menu option above to create an updated Panel of Physicians at any time!

If you are a member, find the tools you need to manage your workers compensation insurance here.  Whether you need to file a claim, create a Panel of Physicians, or locate forms, training & safety resources, you have come to the right place!

If you’re not a member, we specialize in helping franchised new car and truck dealers reduce claims and control workers comp costs with tools and techniques developed through years of experience in our industry.  And all unused premiums are returned to our members in the form of dividends; we have returned nearly $23 million in dividends over the past 10 years!

Today VADA GSIA insures $1.25 Billion in payroll, more than three quarters of Virginia’s franchised dealers.  We are one of the 25 largest work comp insurers in Virginia and the second largest Group Self Insurance Association.

You must be a franchised new car or truck dealer in order to be a member, however we can insure all additional businesses a dealer may have.  Please be aware that, in order to protect our members, VADA GSIA has strict membership guidelines with regard to financial stability and experience modification factors.

If you are a franchised new car or truck dealer and are not a member of VADA GSIA, contact us for a free quote.


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